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Mythonomica Productions

In October 2021, I co-founded Mythonomica Productions, a brand new podcast network devoted to providing audio-based entertainment centered around creativity, community, and self-expression. Along with co-founder Beck Menk, we have been producing weekly content since then, with three shows currently in our stable: Soundbite Theater, which produces original audio dramas written by myself and Beck Menk (a few of which I've performed in), Recommended Reading with Jackson Hoemann, a "comic book club" where I discuss my love of comics with my friends, and Lucky 20, an actual-play TTRPG podcast. In addition to producing these projects, I also serve as the company's social media manager! 

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Explore Mythonomica's Shows

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Soundbite Theater

In the tradition of radio drama, Soundbite Theater is original theatrical works made for your ears.

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Recommended Reading

Join Jackson Hoemann as he sits down with lifelong comic book fans and brand new readers to read and discuss the comic stories any new reader should immediately pick up!


Lucky 20

A brand new actual play podcast with a rotating cast of players and game masters in new, original worlds!


I have a massive interest in tabletop role playing games, and they've become an important part of my life. I've had the opportunity to work as both a professional TTRPG writer and professional game master.


My work has been featured in projects such as The Book of Lost Magicka, a Dungeons and Dragons supplemental book with proceeds going towards community bail funds.


As a a professional game master, I work with Badwolf Adventure Studios in Blaine, MN, to provide theatrical and cinematic TTRPG experiences for anyone who books a game with me.

What people are saying...

"Jackson was very knowledgeable about the game and went above and beyond! He created an awesome atmosphere"

"The props?? Incredible. Such an immersive experience!"

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